MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - The 8th annual "Re-Prom" event in Madison helped raise thousands of dollars for research on Huntington's disease, a rare genetic disorder.

The Wisconsin Chapter of the Huntington Disease Society hosted a 1980's themed prom at the Monona Terrace Saturday night.

Huntington's disease is a rare genetic disorder that breaks down cells in the brain. Symptoms can look like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and ALS all at once.

More than 200 people showed their support on Saturday. The organizer, Shana Verstegen, said she knows how difficult the disease can be first-hand.

"I lost my mother to Huntington's disease actually on this night six years ago. Personally, I thought it was very tough on our family. My mom started showing signs after I was born, so I grew up as a child having to take care of my mother," she said.

The money raised at the event will help fund local research for the cure. Verstegen said they are hoping to raise more than $100,000 at the event.